Can't log on app

I just tried to log into the app and it asked me to create a pin and various other personal details as if it was my first time using it, now it says its waiting to be verified. I sent a message in chat already. Just posting this to hopfully get it hurried along as I dont want to wait a few hours before they read the message. Is anyone else having any issues?

Just checked it out, mine is working fine. Logged in as usual, no problem.

@sampoullain can you have someone take a look please

Hi Owen, have you tried to delete and re-install the app?

If so, can you email the team at and they can take a look.

Yes it brings me to the same screen i will email now thank you.

just happened to me too

I had to upload my docs again they said they do random checks for verification of customers for compliance with FCA.

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Hi I cannot log into my account

What is the problem with FT when you tap the app you get straight in. But sometimes you don’t and then it’s like joining sas trying to get in been trying 2 days now.


Let me flag this to our customer ops team and see if they can help out!

Hi :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging in!

To login to your Freetrade account, you need to enter your email that you originally signed up with. Click the magic link in the email that gets sent to your inbox on the same device, this will direct you to the app where you’ll be prompted to set a passcode and you’ll then see your account.

You can email us at if you’re still having trouble with this, and we can give you a hand :pray:

im having the same issue. Got a new mobile phone and tried logging into the app, asking me to create a new account.

any ideas?

Are you using the same email address?

hi Jim,

yeah i am using the same email address.
i did try my other email address just in case but that gave the same results