Problem logging in to the app

Dear Sir or Madam,

I had just created my account today, but after leaving the app once, I was unable to log onto it again. Everytime I open the app now, it basically asks me to create a new account (code, name, adress,…).

As I have already transfered some money onto my account, I would really like for you to help me resolve this issue.


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@MeghanB26 I heard there are a lot of ppl with the same problem, but you found a solution. Could you DM me?

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I have the same problem, @MeghanB26 do you know of a solution please.
thank you
David Thompson

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I’ve heard some users have had luck by force stopping the app, clearing cache/cookies and then re-opening. Might be worth a try?

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thanks for the info, @sb97 unfortunately that didn’t work for me ( Android phone )
I went through the account set up again so I could message support from the app, here was the advice given -
Uninstall/reinstall app, enter email which is accessible from device, click on magic link enter passcode to gain entry to account.
Tried that - didn’t work, I’m stuck on the welcome screen