Android app not letting me access my already created account

So I recently made a freetrade account and deposited 30 pounds to test it out. Next time i opened the app it went back to the “Create a passcode” page. I thought it might be a bug and entered it anyway but then it started doing the whole new account process.

So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Entered the email that I used for my old account and it went back to the same passcode page. I started to enter all my details anyway. Until I reached the page where you select the account type…as soon as i pressed continue, boom. Back to the “create a passcode” page. It’s not asking for my old passcode by the way. It is just asking me to create a new one with no evidence of my old account anywhere. It took the 30 pounds from my bank account btw. So everything’s linked and stuff. Any Ideas?

Thanks for the link.

@MeghanB26 Hello Meghan, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at my issue :slight_smile:

Got exactly the same problem!