Need help! Can't create account!


So I’m trying and trying to create an account on android in the UK. I’ve entered all the information and have my proof of ID and address ready to submit but I never get that far because it’s eternally stuck on the “Creating your account, this may take a few minutes page”. I’ve tried all the FAQs and sent emails but got no replies. I also cannot access the in-app chat as I can’t get that far… Can anyone here help me? I really really really don’t want to use any other app, this is all quite new to me but I’ve done some reasearch and it feels like Freetrade is my best option right now for small investing :slight_smile:

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Currently having the exact same problem! Put everything in (including address and full details) but it’s eternally stuck on the same page. Did your emails send? Mine all replied ‘Undeliverable’ (is the inbox full?) and the social media wasn’t any help either. And like you say - we can’t ask via the in-app chat because we can’t get far enough into the app to use it!


Just wanted to flag to you that new Users that can’t acces the app are also having issues emailing in.


@MeghanB26 i need help to creating my account on iOS

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