Unable to make a Freetrade account

I’ve tried to create an account on the app now dozens of times over multiple days and every time it gets to the part where you select your nationality i fill it all in but the continue button just doesn’t work at all, anyone else had this issue or know of a solution? thanks in advance

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Hey @Gondiathorn

Welcome to the community :ocean:

That’s a very odd big, have you tried a different phone/tablet / PC? Another thing could be to clear the cookies as they might be in there. If not reach out to hello@freetrade.io and they’ll be able to help you out.

ive tried to make an account on PC but it says it has to be done through the app now unless im looking at the wrong place. Will try clearing cookies or emailing them, thanks for the reply!

Tbf it is done in the app I’m just being daft.

Let us know how you got on :ok_hand:t2:

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Does it also ask your current location? I’m just presuming here, and ha e no desire to offend anyone but is your nationality from a place that FT doesn’t trade, even though you’re in a location that it does?

Hey @Gondiathorn, that does seem like a weird issue.

Please do reach out to hello@freetrade.io as @NeilB suggested on the email address you are signing up with, with details on: whether you are on Android or iOS, the nationality you’re selecting, and what you’re inputting into the field if one appears.

The team will then help figure out what’s going wrong here. Would love to have you on board!

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I tried clearing my cookies to no avail but ive just sent an email to them so hopefully they can help me sort it, thanks for the replies everyone, this is the first time dipping my toes into this but glad to know that there friendly and helpful people here!

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The help team are really good they will help you get this resolved for you.


Hopefully, they can work out what is going wrong fairly quickly for you @Gondiathorn as @WayneSoton says the Freetrade team are great

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