Can't open an account

Hi there, i’m a new user trying to set up my accpunt via the app. I can’t even get my details confirmed as every time i enter my address and NI number it gets stuck on the creating your profile screen? Anyone have any idea as to what i can do i’ve already reset my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app and none of that is working.

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Are you 100% sure you should haven’t signed up before? Check your email for “Freetrade” as you get emails with dividends etc

Thank you for your reply mate but no i haven’t signed up before

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What phone are you using?

A Samsung S20 FE, my partner opened her account on her iPhone XR at the same time i first tried yesterday and got access to the app instantly.

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So it’s running the latest android then?

I believe clearing the cache is helpful but as an iPhone guy I don’t know what this does or how to do it.

Have you got an iPad / tablet and sign up in there and just log in on your phone?

Could you / your partner help me and the community out? We collect user sign up numbers (because we have nothing else to do apparently!!) you’ll see post from the CMO / CEO / other FT guys so it’s not some dodgy scam! Scroll to the bottom as it’s quite long now.

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Just tried clearing the cache and still nothing. I’ve emailed freetrade and also messaged on their social media accounts and i’ve heard nothing back. No we don’t have anything like that unfortunately. I mean i would love to help but I don’t have a sign up number.

This is what i’m currently and have been staring at.


Can someone from Freetrade help this potential customer. The community is being drowned in new stocks. Thank you @sampoullain @mynameisgeraint


I’ve flagged your first post, ignore it, and hopefully someone from admin will be able to help.

Re user number if you click on the top right silhouette you’ll get this screen.



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We must have signed up on the same day @RoosterBooster

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Each user gets a signed user number, you just need to know where to look:

:pray:t4: please, we need our fix - your partner may even be lucky user number :fireworks: 1,000,000 :fireworks:



Pretty please :wink:

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Sorry KAYO I can’t really help I had no problem with it all I can suggest try turning your security/adblocker of while you are doing it good luck Regards PENNY

Mine is the same mate do not know whats going on I have been with them months now ???

Yes mine is the same can’t login what’s going on wish somebody would speak to us please Thanks

Just relax everyone, customer services will get to you in due course.