How many users now?


Sorry if there’s a recent number somewhere, but I can’t see anything. How many actual users are on board now? And how many on the wait list? Thanks


Adam said nearly 10k onboarded in the recent Freetrade - Fintech Q&A!.

Around 70k on the wait list.

(Andrew) #3

Hi I was wondering how many people are now being onboarded weekly.Also when you do start onboarding the Android users.Will you start off small like a hundred at a time our are you going to on-board them in bigger batches then the iPhone users.Out of the 70 thousand on the waiting list at the minute how many are you hoping to have onboarded by april


At first Freetrade were onboarding people once a week, now it’s daily. Also, I think they’ve already started to onboard Android users but that’s still at an early testing phase. I think they’ll have everyone onboard a lot sooner than April.


Additionally, in the space of ~30 hours 500 users were on boarded via gifted referrals:

An easy method to gauge current user numbers would be if a recent onboarded user posted their “Freetrade user number” which can be found on their profile in-app.


I asked this not long ago and was left unanswered. :frowning:

(Alex Sherwood) #7

We’re inviting over 1k users to create accounts each week. We’ve not yet decided how many Android users we’ll invite to create their accounts each week, when the full Android app launches. We’re definitely aiming to have everyone on the waitlist at the moment onboarded by April!

(Alex Sherwood) #8

We’re saving the the latest figure until the end of the year (unless someone leaks it here first :wink:), as it’s a bit of a milestone :chart_with_upwards_trend:

(Andrew) #10

Thanks for the update well now I’ve been jumped to the front of the waiting list. I’ll be amongst the 1st batch of Android users to be onboarded next year thanks.