Zoom AAA #6: Ask Adam Anything: Freetrade CEO & Founder, Adam Dodds. 19th May @ 8PM

EDIT 1: [Zoom link deleted] Thank you all for joining!

Following last week’s jam-packed AAA (Ask Adam Anything) Zoom meetup with Adam, where we hit the 300-person limit on Zoom, Freetrade CEO and founder @adam will be back on to take your questions. We’re working to increase our Zoom participant capacity to 1,000 :wink:

Tuesday 19th May
8 PM

The best topics

  • Crowdfunding
  • Product
  • Vision and company stuff

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Can he tell us more about Freetrade Plus?

General Overview
Options etc



Please post on YouTube after - there’s some serious exclusion going down here for those of us who work for a living :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I’m just here living my best life off my trust fund so don’t feel excluded :man_shrugging:

  • What is the percentage split of users between iOS and Android?

  • Do you think it’s a problem that the Freetrade app, despite having a fairly good rating, is quite far down the “top free apps” list for finance apps? If so, do you have a plan to get it higher?


How will you advertise over the next 3 years to gain more customers?

I like the blog posts you’re creating about investing - is educating a millennial generation a core strategy for FT?

How many customers are being bought in by the referral free share scheme? what are the metrics?

With Bitcoin gaining traction in the markets - will this product be available on FT?


looking forward to Tuesday :v:

Will never stop asking… Any plans for Greece expansion? :rofl:

Need to be sure I can continue to invest through Freetrade if I go back home.

On a serious note though, if Freetrade launches in a EU country, what prevents people from other EU countries to invest through the platform? I thought that EU regulations allow that


When will the roadmap be updated?


European shares: When and which countries/exchanges?

  • In the last AAA you spoke about how impressive Freetrade’s organic growth is however do you have any paid marketing planned in the near future? and if so, what channels?

  • Apart from noise in the community how do you decide what features should take priority?

Congrats on the crowdfunding round and see you on Tuesday :raised_hands:

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In the crowdfund pitch documents, you don’t account for many customers in Europe in 2020 and we only see the ramp up in 2021 even though you are already in beta in the Netherlands and Ireland. Does this mean you don’t expect to launch in Europe in 2020 in any European countries? And if so are you concerned you could be losing valuable customers and giving competitors more time to steal a march?


Regarding Plus, once it is rolled out will the “free months of Alpha” be activated for the investors that had this as a perk from the previous rounds?

Will there be some sort of a free period for everyone to try it out like there was for ISA?

Finally, will you still provide the option for an ISA only account for £3 per month or will this be merged with being Plus as the only option for ISA?


When will REITS be available for ISA accounts


Regarding Freetrade Plus - Excited to hear what features are included.
I would personally like to see some kind of news / research service that pulls up related articles for equities in my watchlist / portfolio (WeBull or Yahoo Finance do it well)… Perhaps also developing the in house educational content (weekend read) to more frequent market research commentary.

I realise this is not exactly a question :joy: - Maybe Adam can comment further if this is not on the feature list.

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Are you planning any subscription levels above Plus?


What really is the difference between Alpha and FTPlus? Alpha was in R2, R3, R4 as an investment perk. Has that been renamed to FTPlus? Does Alpha eligibility translates to FTPlus?


Alpha and Freetrade Plus are the same, see here