Zoom AMA #2: Freetrade Co-founder & CMO Viktor Nebehaj :freetrade:

EDIT: Thanks everyone for coming! We really enjoyed meeting and thank you for all the questions. Watch this space for details on the next meetup!

We’ll have an AMA with @Viktor, our Co-founder & CMO. The best questions are hence marketing or user growth related, but that format is AMA: ask him anything!


We will have special guests @Duncan @adam and other members of the senior team on.

Thursday 16 April
8 PM

To prepare:

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(See the questions and the discussion for the previous AMA and meetup with @adam.)


Is there a plan to actively try and influence/encourage higher app rating in Apple/android App Store?


At the last AMA I raised the question about an update of the delivery Roadmap. Viktor mentioned he would soon update it. Could we please go through the critical 3-6 month bucket item by item, even if it is just to say for instance “postponed to 6-12 month bucket”?


Do you guys see Freetrade’s user growth accelerating further? How much of it is due to COVId-19 volatility and how much is due to your work?


Can you confirm that in the next funding round, which I think you indicated would be the last before a Series B, that priority will be given to existing shareholders so that they can benefit from the remaining EIS availability?


How do you think about your competitor investing many, many millions of CFD profit into trying to overcome the challenge you pose?


Is there a plan in action for the systematic transfer of Stocks & Share ISAs from other platorms, to FreeTrade?

This could see a lot more people jumping on board.


We live in a free world, where free enterprise is praised. Plus, competition is good for the costumer and, arguably, for competitors: one possible gain for both competitors may be free publicity derived from the fact there’s competition in the first place.

Freetrade need not worry about competitors. Freetrade must do a great job, focusing on delivering the best product for the costumer


With Robinhood having 140,000+ on the waiting list… What will Freetrade do to retain, grow its users base and profitability?


Victor, I read you worked at Google early on. How does that compare to FT?


Will we be notified via email about this? I don’t want to miss this.

Just turn up tomorrow right here and you’ll get a link.

If people are still willing to put their money in to Robinhood after what they done lately I’ll be shocked…

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Will we be able to access a recorded version of the meetup ?

Couple of questions from me. Will try to dial in again.

  1. What % of users (roughly) have now taken up an isa

  2. The spread is coming up again and again, what can be done to make the reasons more obvious in the app. I know personally a number of referalls haven’t been convinced by the best execution response I give them.


We are not planning on recoding it yet. We are hammering out a more thoughtful format with slides etc that will be more appropriate for recording. I’m sure someone will be kind and helpful and will jot down the main take-aways though.

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I would also like my graphs to reflect the after-hours trading please. Otherwise, they are all wrong.


Hi! Some questions:

  1. Updating Roadmap to actual situation, when is launch expected in European countries non included in first wave (Italy in my case)? Could be in 2020 or it is already moved to 2021?

  2. Could you give any feedback about income/profit per customer? Is it in levels you expected or not yet?

  3. Which is Freetrade plan to increase users in future?

Thanks in advance!


When will there be more love for stock index and bond ETFs in the universe?