Fractions for all 🍰

I think we need a robust app first before we get things like fractional share. Since I ha e had this app, I have added quote a lot of money and the app has crashed many times. I have had over 50 declined orders, and things not loading properly or not functioning at all. Waiting for the new update to fix all this.

Android phones are a pain to test on and using virtual devices inside Android Studio with lots of memory can be more convenient (AVD, Genymotion). But they should buy many second hand phones - old an new models - and test rigorously nevertheless. Perhaps it’s not even an app issue, since most apps are just API layers of sorts. About three years ago after RH was already flying, they still only had two Android devs (it was mentioned by a Pinterest mobile dev during one the Android podcast episodes). I’ve had many temporary graph representation issues - usually after trades go through. So it could be the back-end :woman_shrugging: .


Don’t get me wrong I love the community, product and business goal. I guess sometimes it can be frustrating. I am happy to pay a few like Hargreaves lansdown for a smoother service, obviously not the fee they charge for their stocks lol.

It’s all about browser stack :wink:

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What phone do you have? Do you keep the phone OS updated as well as the app? Only asking as I run the site on both an android and apple and havent had any crashes - it has slowed a lot recently but I saw a mention of an influx of users in the media so suspect the stacks just not flexed enough to cope yet.

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I wonder if this will be available before the next AMA :thinking:

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It would be a good time to announce it then!


Maybe a Easter present :egg: ? I would love a fraction of Freetrade Easter egg :hatching_chick:


That would be cracking :fried_egg:

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Primer questions but if I buy 0.334 share of one stock, what happens to the rest? Does Freetrade find another person who happens to be buying 1-0.334 share at the same time?

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This was answered before, somewhere, can’t remember where.

No is the answer, Freetrade is a counterparty to that transaction, and they will hold the rest 0.66

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Does this mean Freetrade will effectively need to run its own trading book?

If 1/3 of a share is bought at 100, and it drops to 80, and the second 1/3 buyer comes in, Freetrade will sell the 1/3 share at the new price and made a loss? Same applies to the other way up.

Fractionals are rolling out to everyone throughout May, with Beta users coming first.


Excellent news!

Kudos on including FX Rate etc.

BPS is okay but I find it’s not always as approachable for first timers. Minor details.

Anyway Venue ID says DRVW. So is this built on DriveWealth?


I hope not :grimacing:

Isn’t the whole point of the invest platform to ease FT’s reliance on 3rd parties? Makes minimal difference to me as a user but I want the best for FT’s sustainability in the long term. Would appreciate clarification on this.



I imagine their system will buy the lowest full denomination possible at the time, so that their losses (while unavoidable) will be mitigated. They could even opt to make fractional shares time-delayed like they were before. That way by the end of the day they know exactly how many shares to buy to cover their orders the buyer will still get their £ worth of shares at the end.

Does anyone know when Fractional Shares are introduced that they will be Instant Order or Basic Order?

I would imagine they’d be instant orders like they are now unless bought out of hours in which the basic order will complete upon market opening.

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Looking at the tweet above, the trade was done at 8.39pm, so appears to be instant.