Zoom AMA #5: Freetrade's new board member, serial entrepreneur turned VC, Perry Blacher, 12 PM 15th May

EDIT 2: That’s a wrap. Thanks to the 115+ community members for taking their time to join the call and asking great questions. We had a great time!
EDIT 1: [Zoom link deleted]

We’ve barely finished the AMA call with Freetrade Founder & CEO Adam, with a record-breaking number of participants, here’s an exciting new one coming: Freetrade’s new board member Perry Blacher is making himself available and you can ask him anything tomorrow at 12 PM!

But who is Perry?

Perry Blacher is joining Freetrade as a non-executive director, with a view to becoming chairman pending regulatory approval. He’s a community member himself: a Freetrade crowdfunding investor in one of the early rounds and an avid user, checking his portfolio on the Freetrade app many times a day. :calling:

For those that don’t know him, Perry is a serial fintech entrepreneur. Most notably, he founded Covestor, one of the first robo-advisors in the world, which was sold to the Interactive Brokers Group in 2011.

And that wasn’t his only successful exit.

Today, Perry is a VC and advises numerous fintechs, tech firms and financial institutions - Barclays and Google to name the two most notable ones.

Friday 15th May
12 PM

The best topics

  • His background. Ask him about his exits or being an entrepreneur or investor!
  • What he does now and what he’ll be doing at Freetrade

If you are planning to come

  • Like this post, so we get a sense of the crowd size
  • Post any questions below
  • Like the questions Perry should tackle first
  • Comment if 12 PM is not convenient for you. We can be flexible is there is demand for another time.

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12pm is perfect for me! :+1:


Hi Perry,

What do you see as your main purpose for coming to freetrade in the next 12 months and then in the more longer term?


Hi Perry,

  1. How do you think about the competitive landscape for Freetrade? Is Robinhood’s expansion into the UK a positive or negative?

  2. Do you think Freetrade needs to make any changes to its current trajectory or do you think the roadmap laid out at present is the most optimal?



Does this mean that potentially Augmentum might be interested in joining with the series B round in 2021?

What VC’s do you think would be the strongest fit for Freetrade?

Very excited to have you on board!


Hi Perry,

Can you describe where you see Freetrade in 3 - 5 years from now. What additional features and services would you most like to see implemented?




Hi Perry,

Would love to know what threat you think Trading212 poses to Freetrade’s future and what steps Freetrade can take to secure itself and deepen its ‘moat’.



Very exciting!

My questions:

  • What’s the best decision you made in your career and why?
  • What’s the biggest mistake you made in your career and what did you learn from it?

What value do you think you will bring to Freetrade?


Brutal :joy:

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Welcome Perry.

Can I ask;

What factors do you consider when thinking about further expansion into Europe?

What opportunities has CoVID-19 given to Freetrade in developing the business?

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It’s Friday (the weekend starting) tomorrow, hence we’re planning 12 PM. Any other alternatives you reckon would work for most people? Thanks.

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Can you see FT penetrating adjacent markets outside of Investing in the long term

What will the max size be now?

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Perry, what prompted you to take the leap joining Freetrade and what future functions would you like to see the most?

Hi Perry, welcome aboard.

FT related: How (where) do you see FT 5-10 years from now (best-case scenario within said time-frame)?

Personal: What would you say is your purpose in life and how did you discover it? :wink:


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