Zoom AMA #5: Freetrade's new board member, serial entrepreneur turned VC, Perry Blacher, 12 PM 15th May

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Hi Perry

hope all is well.

Why is it that other trading platform offers different share holder benefits from the same companies? Will this change so that FT can then compete better with its competitors?

Hi Perry

Welcome to the Board.

12:00 is fine. Talking of time is CREST settlement still as up to date as is needed for the current fast moving market? What can Freetrade learn from other payment and asset management systems you’ve been involved with to keep execution risk low?

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Hi Perry,
What does the role of advisor entail and what time you devote to it? You seem to have lots of these positions.
What do you like the most and the least about Freetrade?


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Welcome Perry!

Are there any conflicts of interest or opportunities considering Augmentum’s investment in interactive investor?


Hi Perry,
As a daily user of the freetrade app…
what are the individual steps you take when investing,
where do you commonly get the kind of information that triggers you take action on a trade,
who do you see as a leading light making the right calls on investments,
what are the key problems you see with investing via mobile tech,
what is the one thing you want to see improved on freetrade?

Early stage privately owned companies provide great growth potential (Freetrade is a good example), however, cannot currently be crystallised until a liquidity event outside the shareholders control.

Does Perry believe that Freetrade should have in the product development roadmap a plan to partner with other fintechs to enable trading shares in privately owned companies?


What are the things that differentiate good management teams in your view?

Welcome onboard Perry

You are in a great position given your cv to get a unique perspective on howCovid could impact Fintech:

What could be in your view the lasting impact of this unique period on the industry in general, and on Fintech in London and Freetrade particularly?

Hi Perry,

-Can you comment on the current valuation of FT, the economic downturn is coming up, is this valuation growth sustainable?
-Is there any possible conflict of interest with Augmentum considering its investment in II, if no not, it is possible that Augmentum will invest in FT?
-Some current UK competitors seam to be able to grow, ship features, attract users faster and probably at a lower cost, offer better value, and access to more stocks what do you think is FT’s USP that will attract users to FT long term?


Hi Perry,

Welcome aboard. Keen to hear your perspective on priorities for development and whether they differ in any way from the current plans? Fresh eyes to challenge the thinking, especially in terms of offering against current competitors will be crucial at this stage of development.

  • For example is the push for Europe the best use of resources while the stock universe is UK & US focused?
  • Is the current stock universe limiting Freetrade to be a niche player in terms of products offered? By that I mean I’d personally be reluctant to move my SIPP across given the limitations of the current universe and that’s despite it being with a provider I have no love for.
  • Are the less rich products and universe actually a symptom of something else, like getting enough engineering talent?

Thanks, Euan

Would someone kindly volunteer to write a summary on this AMA? Didn’t mean to pick on you @EuanG but I had to reply to someone’s comment.

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How am i able to join? will there be a link? or email or what? never used zoom

Hi Perry,

Very exciting news!

Rather than asking about best case scenarios in the future, I wanted to ask whether you think the projected figures for usership are realistic?

Secondly, why did freetrade appeal to you, rather than other trading platforms?

Thanks and good luck!

A link will be posted here at 12 if it’s like the previous AMAs. Super easy just download zoom before hand or access it via your internet browser, you don’t need to sign up. Do it before hand so you’re ready :slight_smile:

Keen to attend but got a work meeting at this time. @Viktor Can the recording be shared for this and also for the last call with Adam for those who miss them?

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Cheers mate