AMA: Ask our CEO Adam your questions about our upcoming crowdfunding round 🗣

Our CEO @adam will be answering your questions about our next crowdfunding round here on Friday morning.

Read on for more info, and if you haven’t tried the app yet, you can check it out here.

Check out the info about the round that that we’ve already shared here.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, post it here :point_down:


Is this going to be the last raise or will there need to be further raises in the future ?


Great work. Will this be a text response via the community pages or a live streamed video chat where Adam reads the questions? Great work either way.


Adam will reply here :slight_smile:


Hi! So excited for the new round coming up!

If possible, it would be great to have some information regarding:

  1. Today actives users accounts
  2. Growth parameters (any estimation of users you plan to reach in the next quarters, considering European Expansion)
  3. European Expansion will be in the 3rd or 4th quarter? Which EU countries are potentially the first ones in Freetrade horizon?
  4. Any information about financial situation, incomes and/or forecasts will be appreciated.



I’m interested in this more than anything else. From previous rounds that mission hasn’t changed I think.

Also why small target of £1 mil, is it to create some kind of frenzy etc?


The questions I have are:

  • What will be the global limit on funding (not target but the cap for overfunding)?
  • What is the new pre-money share price/valuation?
  • EIS - but I think you’ve already answered you’re waiting on HMRC
  • What is the current active user count?
  • Do you see growth as your most important challenge now, and what are your plans to supercharge growth this year?

Finally, it’d be nice if existing investors had an hour or so, rather than just 20 minutes.


About your european expansion - do you have plans to eventually have Freetrade available across the whole EU?


A few questions relating to competition, if you don’t mind:

How will freetrade outcompete it’s rivals (Revolut, Robinhood, BUX stocks, etc)?

Do you believe this is a winner takes all market, and why (not)?

I ask because I personally don’t think broker loyalty is a thing, so it becomes a race to the bottom as investors just switch to the cheapest platform. From what I can gather, Robinhood offer instant trades for free, their premium product offering out-of-hours trading and margin trading as incentive. This undercuts freetrade (alpha) and is a large threat in my view.


Are there any plans to add Asian stocks, or bring the product to Asian markets eventually?


I don’t understand why A Shares have not been offered for existing A Share holders.

Hopefully someone with more insight can communicate the motivations behind only offering B Shares.


This a good question for Adam to answer so I’ve moved your post over :slight_smile:


What’s the average portfolio balance?


I really hope we get this answered on Friday

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Hi @adam

Can you share some numbers?

  1. How many existing users?
  2. What is the split between IOS and Android?
  3. How many orders are being executed weekly/ monthly?
  4. What is the split between paid/queued orders?
  5. What is your 12 growth forecast for number of users /number of trades?
  6. How many current employees? and how many do you plan to add in next 12 months?




Can you gave any value to current shareholders for A & B for what you value them at pre-crowdfunding?

  1. If you are at liberty to share, what is the proportion of ISAs across all accounts?

  2. What do you anticipate to be your key revenue stream? Alpha, ISA or something else?

  3. HL claims to have business with 30 market makers to facilitate competitive pricing per share. How many does Freetrade use? Are there any plans on expanding this network? Any particular details/dates you could share?

  4. The same article contains the following quote:

According to the LSE’s fee schedule, retail brokers pay nothing to execute deals for the first six months of joining the exchange, and after that pay just 0.1 per cent on the value of a deal to execute a trade.

Does it mean that any (even instant) transaction in excess of £1,000 will be loss-making for Freetrade?

  1. Percentage of basic orders vs percentage of instant orders; evolution since iPhone rollout

  2. Within basic orders
    2.1. Percentage of basic orders with:
    a) one order by one individual investor
    b) consolidated 2 to 5 individual investors, or 2 to 10
    c) 5 to 10, or 10 to 20

Makes sense?! Feel free to adjust the tiers where a basic order groups several individuals, but show basic orders with one individual investor as a tier. Makes sense?!

  1. How many users? iPhone vs Android and totals

  2. European waitlist. Totals and per country

Many thanks

I’m not sure if I should post a question here, nor is my question directly related to the crowdfunding, but I was wondering if there are plans to create a web version of the application? Is this crowdfunding likely to contribute towards something like this?

I know quite a few people who enjoy trading stocks, but do not have the ability to use a mobile phone in their 9-5 jobs.




How do you plan to make any money off the users who only use basic orders and do not pay for an ISA or for Alpha?

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