Will there be another crowdfunding round?

I missed out last month by 30 mins after the round was closed ? Is there another chance for me any time soon ?

I think the plan is to do these annually, so May 2021 will be your next opportunity.

Or find someone happy to sell to you privately.


Damn. I was hoping there would be another round in July from what I read on crowdcube.

Ah. No. The last round was technically two rounds. A first of c 3m which settled immediately and a second of c 4m which is settled in July. (I think to do with annual EIS limits)

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A large number of people have canceled their offers so you could express interest, perhaps they’ll email people to invest to make it back up to £7 million.

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Thanks a lot. I did expressed interest, so will wait and see.

Hello, I’m looking to sell 3348 shares of Freetrade I crowdfunded 2019. Are you Interested in buying them?

The company has yet to go international so I’m sure they will become more valuable going forward.

Send me a Email at Exindurepro@gmail.com

Thanks, but I managed to get into this round.

so how do i get someone from FT to contact me by email? i’m definitely interested and misse dout on the last round.

I just got an email from crowdcube today saying they have about 300k worth of shares left to prior investors. Might be worth waiting another week because people would rather get them from cc.

With further growth since the last raise and Robinhood cancelling on launching in the UK, this offer seems even more attractive!

The pre-money valuation is the same.


Think that link is meant to be private for previous investors…

This pitch is currently hidden from the wider Crowdcube community to give selected investors known to the business an early opportunity to invest. As such only users with the URL can view this pitch.


I thought the crowdfunding round had closed but it looks like I am still able to invest?

Is it still possible to invest?

At the risk of upsetting people for sharing the link, due to people dropping out some shares are still available and they emailed the link to prior investors to buy them up again. I went for it after the RH news.

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Hm, I’m not a previous investor but I found the link on google.

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I’m not a previous investor but I was able to find the link on CrowdCube. Did something go wrong?

Hey Michael,

Just to confirm, everyone can invest.

We are keeping the pitch page semi-hidden to give our community members a chance first, for this small allocation of shares.

Let us know if we can help with any additional questions here or on hello@freetrade.io!

The pitch page for those interested:

Remember that when you invest in stocks, whether publicly traded or Freetrade’s own shares, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. See the risk warning on Crowdcube’s website before investing.


Do we know when this is closing - it seemed to imply it would be at 7m but it’s still open at 7.1m…

nice - happy to join the members!

One less member soon. With my age future health issues and lack of knowledge on tax redemption certificate and how to claim it I will probably cancel before cooling of period ends.