Next Crowd Funding round

Hi Freetrade Team

Unfortunately I missed the last crowd funding round last month. Is there likely to be another round in the near future?

Sorry if this has already been asked/answered!

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Similar question - would like to find out more about Freetrade’s cash runway?


FYI Buying / selling shares

I believe they’ve said that they’re like to raise more via Crowdfunding in the next 12 months and that they have about £4m EIS available.

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I don’t see a good logical reason to continue doing crowdfunding after 4 rounds. If the features promised will be shipped in due deadlines and with a significant increase in the customer base it makes more sense to turn to VCs to get a much large cash war chest and the expertise of a large VC to prepare for the possible market down turn and massively increase the marketing budget as well as continue attracting the best talent.


Didn’t they talk about VC funding towards the end of this year?

No plans for more crowdfunding right now, maybe 2020 :wink:

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The email I’ve just had from Crowdcube suggests otherwise mate.
“Following a record breaking Crowdfund in April 2019, they are raising again to supercharge their growth”

Sounds like an old email - they had a round in april which they stopped early due to technical issues and ran a further funding round a few months later.


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll find out from Crowdcube why they are just sending this email to you. It sounds like an old email from our July round.

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I think you’re right then. The email says there is an update, when you click the hyperlink it takes you to this page:

I guess that does refer to the R5 one.
I think the update is actually referring to the recent document at Companies House now I look at it further.