Isa transfer issue!

I want to transfer an isa to my freetrade isa. I added to my isa this tax year, so it is current. Filled in form but told by email that i do not have an open isa. The bot is not being helpful, perhaps someons here can help. Is an open isa something different to a current isa. I would have thought that my current isa that i am contributing to is open. If not how do i do this as i dont seem to have this option. FT are not making anything easy. Thanks in advance.


@acamp Always here to help. :slight_smile:


Hi @LadyTraderUK

Let me DM you and get a few more details so the team can look into this.



Thanks alex,

It will be useful for your company to find out why the wrong email is being sent to me in your system. Also the bots don’t answer properly and close the conversation rather than passing on to a human, something I would expect for a plus member.

Hopefully Erika will be able to sort things out with the transfer team. I am not expecting it by end of year but hopefully I will have consolidated by x-o isa with freetrade by end of January.

Thankyou again


Thanks Carol. Yes we’re aware of this issue and are looking at it. We recently implemented a number of automated steps to improve the efficiency of our transfer processes. Obviously there’s something triggering these emails in error so we need to get to the bottom of this.

If it’s an in specie transfer it could take till the new year, but if it’s just cash then hopefully we can get this across quite a bit sooner.

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Freetrade need to see you have an isa open with them before they can initiate the transfer. You can open the new isa with Freetrade without any issues or breaking any rules as you aren’t contributing to it, it’s a transfer from your current ISA.

matthew i do have an isa with freetrade and i am contributing to it… it seems the email was a mistake and that my current isa is open. at least filling in the online form was relatively easy compared to the written forms you had to do years ago.
hopefully i will consolidate my old isa into it early next year.
thanks for replying.

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Hi Alex,

Just to let you know that I have got another email today requesting me to open an ISA.