Open an ISA from GIA with Plus

I’ve got a GIA with Plus, and I’d like to move some of my portfolio into a S&S ISA before the new tax year, but I can’t find any way to access or open a ISA in my account.

I’ve tried the FAQ and contacting support but they’re super busy so my message hasn’t been picked up yet.

Does anyone know how I can get at the ISA? Some other forum members have said there is a drop down on the portfolio page, but I see nothing.

Can you see this at the top? image

Nope, just Portfolio, my balance, and the Free Shares pill on the right

On the top right hand side of the screen you’ll find a stilized human icon. Tap it. Scroll down. Do you see an option to open an ISA?

If yes… follow it.

If no… is your app up to date?

Take a look at the app store.

If it’s up to date you likely have to contact Freetrade

Check this thread to find out how

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Nope, there’s no Open ISA option and my app is up to date according to the Play Store.

I’ll check out the thread. Thanks!

On your gia portfolio page, look at top right.
Should have this:

After clicking it’ll have your account info etc.
Second section is “Account”. Within that should be an option to open the ISA. The image below says “manage” as there is already an isa open on the account.