Help not received

Been trying to get thru to customer service by in app, email, and here. Still no response over a week and I need to change my bank account.

I’m having the same issue

Sorry to hear that, they’re still swamped but getting through the backlog. You should hear soon if you’ve emailed.

I’ve got to the point of now calling fca and anyone else who will help me. I’ve had multiple account issues and no answer for over a week it’s not on I’m getting really angry with them now im going to consumer helpline Monday see what they can do. These are not basic issues all my statements show no transactions, limit orders not gone through and change of bank account asked for over a week ago.

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Can you say whether this issue was resolved?

transactions or holdings? the monthly statements do not show transactions.

They wont have hit the limit price you set. If you give more details people on the forum can go through how limit orders work.

email if you’re still having issues with this.

As for the FCA, they do not deal with complains, you’re looking for the financial services ombudsman. They will also not take your complaint if you haven’t first gone through the required process. You must formally complain to Freetrade in the first instance, they have 8 weeks to look into the complaint. If you’re not happy with the result of the complaint you must get a final response from Freetrade. Only at this point can you go to the financial services ombudsman.

Does that mean you can be ignored indefinitely by Freetrade and not have any way with the Ombudman to take any issue further?

That’s very concerning.

No. companies have 8 weeks to respond to complains, thats the rules. if you were to receive no response after 8 weeks at all you can go to the ombedsman


That’s reassuring…Thank you.