Where is my money withdrawal?

Nobody is answering messages on app. I don’t have a clue who to contact. Please help. Thanks

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When did start the withdrawal? In my experience it can take a few working days.

29th of Jan.

Officially it takes 3-5 working days but it can take 1-2 days sometimes


I’d expect to see it between today and thrusday if that’s the case. They are insanely busy at the moment

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It just freaks me out when messages don’t get answered :grimacing:

So they have to manually make the transfer back?

Yes, it’s frustrating, especially as a new user.

This might help you understand why it’s taking longer at the moment:

300k to 500k customers in a month with a limited amount of staff can put immense pressure on Support times


Thanks brother


No it’s not manual. It’s just business banking is often slower and so they have to state 3-5 working days as an allowance.

it’s like when a business processes a refund to you and they say you will receive this in your bank in 2-4 working days


Thanks for your help I’ll hold on!

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Hey Joe :wave:

I fully appreciate that it can be unnerving to not receive a timely response and I’m really sorry about that. As others have said, withdrawals do take 3-5 working days to arrive but should there be any issues after Thursday, drop me a message here and I can look into the matter for you.

We are still immensely busy - thank you all for your patience. :pray:


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