Hi I have tried contacting customer service and I am not getting any response.
Just saying it will take up to 3 days to get in touch with someone

I have withdrawn money on the 12th of feb and the money has still not reached my account. A few days has passed and still nothing. Not even a confirmation that it has been withdrawn has been sent to my email.

Where has my money gone?

3-5 working days. Google would have answered this. If that time has passed, the in-app chat will be the right place.

The 12th was a Friday so it’s only been one full working day (Monday)

So it takes up to 5 days for the money to come into the account?

Yes. So I’d expect it this Friday latest (maybe early Monday).

Sometimes sooner, I’ve found my bank seems to be processing it within 3 days

3 days starting and including the day you withdraw?

If it was in the afternoon I tend to not count that as a business day. I withdrew some money today and im expecting it will arrive Friday.

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I get what you mean…I think i withdrew on friday afternoon …So i guess technically the 3-5 days starts tomorrow…I can’t really say i’m expecting it tomorrow considering but i’m open to surprises.

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My money arrived this morning just for reference

that’s shockingly slow. There really is zero excuse for it taking 3 days, never mind 5. Freetrade needs to benchmark itself against competitors who can do a same day transfer.
I opened an account with Freetrade a few days ago and it’s just been a really bad first impression:

  1. clearly there’s a really poor customer service operation going on, they are taking way too long to reply

  2. money takes a long time to appear in the account

  3. I requested my first withdrawal and got some nonsense message about having to deposit £1 to verify my bank account. So I made the bank transfer using the references which Freetrade gave me, and it’s still not in my account two days later.

  4. As a minimum, all other competitor platforms show a buy and sell price when you research a stock. Freetrade don’t, they just show a price and you have no idea if that is buy or sell. We need to know what the spread is!!!

An amateurish company.

Customer service is growing to cope with the demand. Once they’ve caught up you can expect quicker response times. Often same day.

Money takes 2-4 hours to appear in the account

It’s not nonsense to have to verify your bank account. It’s regulations and security

Agree that the price information can be improved and the team have it on their 2021 roadmap

It’s not an amateurish company, it’s a start up. It’s broken crowdfunding records and is only going to get better


I really hope so, maybe ‘amateurish’ was a bit harsh, but to become a serious competitor Freetrade needs to:

  • speed up customer service replies
  • speed up the 3-5 day withdrawal and narrow it down to 1-2 days
  • show buy and sell prices on the Discover tab
  • ideally get up to the same level as Interactive Investor and Hargreaves in the long run where when you buy/sell you know instantly what the price is, and you have a 15 second countdown.
    I’d actually be willing to pay £1-£5 commission on every trade if that helped them improve the above, they’d still be the cheapest out there.
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I’ve now tried to process a £4,000 top-up, it took me in to my linked bank account to approve, then back to the Freetrade app where it’s just endlessly stuck on the message “processing your top up, this may take a minute”. Is Freetrade closed on Sundays for top-ups?

They don’t process them on weekends it will go through Monday morning

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They use BACS I think, which takes 3 days so its got nothing to do with Freetrade. that’s just the standard for money transfers in the UK.