My money hasn’t received my account

I have been messaging Freetrade. No reply. My money hasn’t been received by my account. It’s been 7 days. No sign. No response. I have £4700

Is this referencing a top up or a withdrawal to your back account?

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There’s very little that can be done via the community forum I’m afraid.

  • Is this a first time payment? If so, does the bank account meet the criteria for sending deposits from? Is the bank account a full UK bank account? Some accounts cannot be used
  • If it was a transfer to your GIA/ISA directly from your bank did you remember to use the reference number and was the sortcode and account number correct?
  • Is the bank account the same one that you registered when you set up the account? - This is important as the bank account has to be the one registered (when you made your first payment) You cannot transfer from a different account.

its a withdrawal. I have withdrawn small amounts they have all come quite quick. maybe the large withdrawal take long

I requested a withdrawal last Thursday

Withdrawals can take up to 5 working days, today would be day 5 as weekends are not classed as business/working days. I would check your bank tomorrow to see the status tomorrow and if nothing is there, contact Freetrade again.

Have you had any other large-ish payments made into your bank account within the last few days? Some banks could be being rather over zealous with financial checks for example.


no I haven’t. your right. I will check tomorrow. the response time for queries has shot up. its been 4 days since I emailed them. still no reply. no other way to contact them.

So when you made the withdrawal it says at the top what account it’s being sent to, if that’s the correct account then don’t worry.

I have withdrawn loads of times from here and have never once not received my money.

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I have finally received the funds. They had issues but it’s resolved now

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