In app chat wait times

Hi all,

Has freetrade cut there staffing down or something? Or it the new Plus taking away all staff to work on their issues, instead of standard account members.

I’ve been waiting since the 1st for anyone to reply to my last issue. (I know bank Holidays etc, covid).

But response times have been extremely poor now for quite a while. Or cough, since Plus opened properly.

Any body else experiencing the lack of service?
Or the gold goose, message read and no reply :smiling_face_with_tear:


Can’t say I have mate,

1st Jan bank holiday
2nd Saturday
3rd Sunday

4th Monday return to work and deal with the backlog including you

Sprinkled in covid for extra fun.

Personally never had to wait long, i think its super bad luck at the moment pal.

Hope they get to you soon, though.

Usually a great service when the world isn’t spinning backwards


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah you’re right bad timing I guess.

Some of the team do work weekends btw. Theyve even got back to me at 10 at night on a weekend before.

Thank you :vulcan_salute:


I wonder if someone in the firm reading this can help me too, I’ve sent emails, twitter DMs and in-app messages since the 24th with no response.

Hi @Hireath and @IlCiuco, very sorry for the delays on your in-app chat replies.

We did have a skeleton team in place over the holidays and have been exceptionally busy since the whole team got back on Monday.

Please send a follow-up and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If it’s not a specific query related to your investments, you might also find the answer to your query on our Help site:

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