Long waiting times, no chat

I used Freetrade a fair amount in 2020, took a break and came back

I’ve run into my first issue - user error with a requirement for support. Top up from the wrong Chase account. I have noticed a disingenuous chat service which says ask us anything with agents names - only to be closed off whatever topic is selected

The only option is to email, the sort of solution you’d expect if you were locked out of the app. I’ve waited over 2 days for a response, there is a fairly long automatic wait quoted but if you wished to execute a trade or it was a large sum of money you’d be having kittens at this wait.

None of it feels particularly cutting edge or ‘fintech’ - I feel this should be sorted before any further expansion?

High wait times or not I’d definitely rather sit it out in the live chat than check my inbox like it’s 2009.



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