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I am thinking about moving from vanguard and hl to free trade as my main portfolio account but your response times are too slow for enquiries as waiting for 1 hour max with hours I find it takes days with you guys if there any plans to fix this

Hey Chris, yes, absolutely there are plans to fix this.

We are finalising a roadmap internally that will take us back to the service levels we had late last year.

If you are a Plus member, you’ll get an answer within an hour as a first milestone, and the next milestone is for you to get a response from our team within just five minutes.

All free plan members would receive a response within a few hours as a first milestone.


Any plans to make wait times more public?

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Yes, definitely.

How would you like to see them?

Thanks for the reply.

It would be great to see it when you are about to send a message or when you first click on chat.

Just then I know not to check back for a while or if it isn’t urgent, I might wait till times are a little shorter.

I’m sure I’ve not alone in going back to chat screens to make sure I definitely have sent a message when it’s been over an hour (not Freetrade specific)

I find automatic replies annoying, as when I click off the app, I then get a message, go back into the app and chat to just see a message telling me to come back later. So if you could avoid that that would be amazing

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Yes, this is along the lines of what we’re thinking about. Thank you!


Hi Viktor

Sorry to butt in, I’m a Plus subscriber and have a support ticket still unread from 3 days ago.

I’ve also lodged another ticket an hour ago for orders that couldn’t be placed but don’t know the working hours of your support team.

You’re thinking about this as an engineer rather than from the perspective of customer service

Hi viktor

Please can you help me to fix this. I deposit money this afternoon and didn’t go through. Now the app is freezing and the money left my bank account . I deleted my Freetrade account and I downloaded again and now the money is not there. Have you got any idea?

Than you

I strongly think that our team driving to a certain target, such as 5 minutes response time to a Plus member, contributes positively to our customers’ experience.


@Yaffle @Liverpooltmpl Can you send me a DM with you Freetrade login email?

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Sorry Viktor but where can I send a private message?

Hi vicktor

It’s already fixed. Anyway thank you very much for your attention .

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Sorry stay with same problem . Every time I login show this image

@Viktor Done, thank you, DM sent

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I strongly believe that the time it takes to actually resolve a customer query is more important

I agree as long as response time to initial request isn’t over 3-4 hours that’s too long …, especially if they are meant to be a reliable broker and your a customer with an equity over 10k and your only communication is text

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This is a really good point. And in particular I think that it would relieve anxiety for customers to have robust and consistent initial response times to queries.

I think that the issue that I have with Victors response is with vanity metrics that serve marketing narratives. As well as this idea that somehow a target plucked out the air (5 minutes) for response times is enhancing customer experience.

IMO FT should be focusing on quality outcomes. And sure enough as you said, 3-4 hour wait times may make the outcome feel “lacking” but I’m not entirely certain it affects its resolution.

Beyond general wait times, the best improvement would be to have the option to flag a query as relating to an active trade/limit order. ie a stock that you hold as they are most likely to be the time sensitive queries.

Hi I’m a plus subscriber but not getting answered. I did two Bank transfers via the App yesterday. The 1st one into my new ISA account did not appear and the second one a few hours later worked! Why is this unreliable? Where is the money? I can’t trade so can I have a credit on the "Plus costs for however long it takes you to get it sorted? Thanks