Response times in the app chat

Hello team - I’m wondering if it would be worth changing the ‘typically replies in a few hours’ to a more reasonable timescale now that you’re increasingly more busy. I’ve been left on ‘not seen yet’ multiple times now, sometimes for days at a time (the most recent one has been 24 hours, and is a very simple question - “where is my free share that should’ve been allocated last week? I was told there was an error in a batch, but that the error had been fixed and all free shares had been allocated”.

Generally happy with the service, and for the most part its pretty quick to get a reply, but when you’re used to near-instant replies, its difficult to then have to wait days on end for a response.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure that notice is dynamically updated in relation to their actual response times. I’m not certainly not guaranteeing that but that’s my understanding. Hopefully they get back to you soon :slight_smile:

I’ve never noticed it say anything more than ‘typically replies in a few hours’. Who knows.

Realistically though, the bigger they become, the longer the lead times become (until they can hire more customer service staff of course).

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I can imagine they are very busy… I mean I’m still waiting on a response to a question I asked on 16th. “Typically” doesn’t mean “Always” :sweat:

I’ve never had any issues or real time delays in the teams replies - typically first reply is within a few hours, then replies after that are within the hour


You must be in the VIP queue. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than an hour for replies which is what I find slightly odd

What time are you asking questions at? During working hours, I find the response times great, and if not then I usually get a reply early the next day.

In the couple of times I have used the in-app chat (during working hours), I have received a reply within one hour. So no complaints there.

My problem would be less the response times, and more the time that takes to action some things like a funds transfer between my GIA and ISA accounts. But this of course is not what this thread is about, and also it is expected to improve soon.

Hi, I am sorry you’ve experienced a longer wait time. :disappointed_relieved:

We are hiring to reduce wait times and extend support hours for customers, however Monday to Friday during business hours you shouldn’t wait this long.

Can you DM me your Freetrade email and i’ll look into why this was.


I think we have this the wrong way around. Maybe it’s the customer response times that are slow… Freetrade is from the future (albeit 1 hour)

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