When communication problems will be sorted?

What’s wrong with communication? When it’s going to get fixed I’m missing around 3k from technipfmc spin off, can’t get through to support team.


Hi there :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re waiting from a response from us. Can you drop me a DM with your email so I can chase this up for you please? :blush:

Is that the “dedicated support” ? Two days holding a deposit, no email responses, no chat response. 7-10 working days to put the money through the account or send it back to the original account ?

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Hello Caique. Welcome to the community!

Long time users are used to getting replies within an hour/s.

The Freetrade team already said that they are working to get back to usual response time after the recent GME craze.

The app has seen 2x customer growth since the end of last year…

Looking forward to your contributions on the community.

Well I get it but, when they hold your deposit without either processing it or returning it to the original account they’re preventing me from trading and essentially costing me money.


@shanice - why freetrade is have very poor response timings, i have deposited couple of thousands in to both isa and non isa around 15days back and till now one one either tells me exactly where the money is and when it will be reflected in my account . this is frustrating to keeep waiting for such not and very stressfull to know that i am not sure where my money is , is it lost and how long it will take to appear. why can’t freetrade updates on regular basis to say what’s going on with my case .

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Money is never lost, you’ll always get it back. I hope that helps you get rid of that fear at least!

Hi Caique :wave:

Please send me over your email via DM and I can chase this up for you.

Hi there,

Sorry about the delays you’ve faced with your deposits. We are working really hard across the team to get back to our normal support levels, and we will be soon. :pray:

If you’d like me to chase this drop me a DM with the email you use for your account.

I don’t how to DM you here.

I think they are saving you money in the current market…

Click on Shanice’s profile (name) and you can send her a message from there

Have they fixed it yet? I can see myself going in the same direction as you. 48 hours already to process it. Plus members dedicated support is unresponsive.