Money not in my account

Hi guys,I got free trade today,I put my first amount through Apple Pay I then had to verify my bank account by doing a a bank transfer I put In a bigger sum of money in,Ithas left my account but not gone into my app I put my reference as my name I think this is where I might of gone wrong,does anyone know where the money could of gone

Cheers Sam

The payment will have been sent to Freetrade, but without the reference number they wouldn’t know who it belongs to. You’ll have to contact them to explain what has happened and presumably sufficient information for them to identify the payment. You’ll also need to let them know the correct reference number so that the payment can be correctly allocated to your account.

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Hi Jimmy thanks for replying where am I able
To find the reference number for this transaction ?

If you haven’t yet linked using openbanking, you should be able to find it by selecting the top up option, then bank transfer, that should give you a list of banks, try and find the option there that says manual transfer or similar. That should give you a link to your unique reference number.

I’ve linked mine using the opening banking functionality so I can’t confirm this way works for definite though.

Go to Apple Pay, type in an amount above the limit, then select bank transfer. Details should be on screen then

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Ah, that looks a fair bit easier.

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If you’ve already transferred some without the correct reference number you will still need to contact support I think