Help please, sent money to wrong reference code

Hi, I can’t seem to reach anyone in the app for hours now. I sent money using a reference code which may be wrong as there is no actual way to check what it is manually. Big oversight.

There is a O in the code which looks like a 0 and especially on the phone, may have been switched when transferring the money, please help!
I can provide further details as required.


First of all, don’t worry! The worst thing that can happen is that your transfer fails and it takes a couple of days to get back to your account. Freetrade should be able to help facilitate that, so just wait for the in-app response.


Probably best to email

Thanks guys. But I’ve literally been waiting over 6 hours for someone to help in the app and I’ve sent emails out to the address above. Im at my wits end!

I know this doesn’t put you at any ease but your issue will be resolved as soon as possible. The team are working round the clock at the moment

Hi, first of all, welcome to the forum.

Sorry about the delay replying to you.

We’ve been incredibly busy today due to the extreme market volatility.

Don’t worry, we will track down your payment.

We’ll get back to you ASAP.