Need help from Freetrade - Mistyped reference number

Hi there,

I’m hoping from some support from FreeTrade, because the chat function in the app does not actually work! That is, when I click on “Chat with us” in the app, nothing happens (I’m using an up to date iPhone, with the latest version of the app). I also have not been able to find an email address to ask Freetrade for help.

So, I just added some cash to my brand new Freetrade account for the first time. I misread the instructions and did not enter my “unique reference number” when transferring cash from my bank account (I just wrote “transfer to Freetrade” or something, thinking I was supposed to make a note for myself rather than Freetrade). So, Freetrade will get my money and not know what account to add it to.

Any idea how to fix this? I’m rather nervous as you can imagine!


Hi Luke, No need to be worried. Can you send an email to with the details? Thank you! :pray:

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My chat has stopped working also. I clicked on a message from Freetrade, it froze without showing the message and now chat doesn’t work. I was lazy to raise it as I haven’t needed to chat to Freetrade in months :blush:

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Will do, thanks for the quick reply!