Money not transferred to account and chat not working

Just opened a freetrade account. Transferred money yesterday which was come out of my bank account immediately but is still not showing in my freetrade account. Chat is not working for me, the messages are not sending and despite constantly retrying and uninstalling/reinstalling the app it won’t send. No other way to contact them so please help!

It’s all good, they will contact you via the chat. Your top up will not be lost.

Did you add your unique code in the reference when making the transfer?

I hope you have this corrected speedy :v:t3:

Flagging to @MeghanB26!

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Exact same thing is happening to me. Chat is not working either for me also. I’m annoyed

If you are on IOS, the chat glitches out all the time. Restarting the app a few times generally fixes it for me.

Thanks for your reply and sorry to hijack the thread OP. My 3rd transfer has now shown. The chat feature isn’t working for me even after closing app and reopening a few times. It’s not giving me faith to invest here tbh. Its driving me mad so I’ll try again tomorrow with the chat and try to get the first two transfers back , thanks for the replies xx

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I think they’re totally snowed under at the moment due to an unprecedented number of sign ups looking to take advantage of the market downturn.

I’ve asked what’s up with chat, see if we can at least get that issue sorted!


Please email our team at!

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@Emma8 see above from Viktor re alternative contact.

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Yes please do email us and we’ll look into why in-app chat is not working for you. :cry: