Accidentally Sent Top Up to an old reference number

hii, im new to freetrade, upon trying to make my firdst topup i was given a refrencec code, once i used it, in logged in and logged back into my mobile app assuming it needed to refesh, upon trying again to top up i was given a new refrence code, this one has been working for me but ive lost my initial money and top up, ive tried chasing my bank up and they’ve told me the payment went through however i dont see it on my account, any help would be super helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I think if the reference is old, it will just take time for freetrade to allocate it. Maybe a few days currently looking at a 45x increase in daily new sign ups.

Message the chat in app or email and they will help as soon as they can.

A thought, but were you given a new reference number because you opened an isa? Have you checked the GIA account just in case.