Top ups

Anyone having issues topping up from their linked bank account? Not sure if it’s freetrade, openbanking or true layer??
I’ve also looked for my freetrade account details and ref. Number to try a manual payment direct from my bank, but I can’t find these details anywhere. So, as of now I can’t top my account up, frustrating :pensive:
Am I missing something? Anyone got any ideas.

Hi John,

I don’t see any known issues or similar. What sort of error are you seeing? Can you DM me screenshots perhaps?

Will raise with the team to figure this out then.


Hi Alex, think it might be the bank. I get sent to the bank, verify the payment, it says it’s been verified and then just basically sits there.
Usually it reverts back to true layer then back to freetrade, top up arrives.
Strange one, also, I use fingerprint to verify but for some reason I have have to get a one time pass code now!!! Never had that before.

Also, where do I find/get my account details and unique ref code if I want to make a one off transfer???
This could be a work around??

You can find these this way - Where can I find my Freetrade account number/reference? | Support

What bank are you with if you don’t mind my asking?

All working fine here just deposited into my ISA

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Nope, still not working but I was able to set them up as a payee on my bank and just deposit money that way. Worked instantly :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: