Why is this?

Keep trying to top up account using true layer and it says just doing a few checks and nothing happens anyone else having the same issue

Sometimes I have to wait around 15-30 seconds before it goes to the next screen

Has happened to me as well, it really isn’t good enough when you are wanting to take advantage of share prices being low. I had to sell some other shares that I wasn’t really wanting to sell instead, I’m sure it reduces the amount of money that ultimately goes into FreeTrade as well!

I’m trying to top up now but nothing is going through

So I have an answer here (but it may not be the one for you). About two months ago some banks updated their security measures (for mobile apps) It would seem that Freetrade for all their good stuff have failed to keep up with this. It took me a protracted conversation with the customer service team and my bank to figure this out. The only way I am able to top up is by creating a bacs process.

Unsurprisingly it wasnt the end of the world for me. But for a company that work predominantly via phone apps, surprising.

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I’ve never had an issue. Touch wood

I always do mine by a simple transfer from my bank. I just go in the bank app, hit transfer and it arrives instantly. IMO it’s quicker and easier than the in app too up. 10/10 would recommend.

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Thank you, I’ll write to FreeTrade and ask them for the account details to do BACS payment. It is what I would prefer anyway, no idea why the bank details disappear from view as soon as you add a linked account!

Yeah they used to be visible in the app. I tried to find them so I could put it in my post but they seem to have vanished :man_shrugging:

They are still in the app. go to do the transfer as normal and when it shows a list of banks scroll to the bottom and tap manual transfer

Not for me they’re not unfortunately. I’ve written to the FreeTrade helpdesk to ask them for my account number and sort code, and also said to them I don’t understand why they would hide them after setting up the link account. They may not reply until after the Bank Holiday now I expect but am very angry at having had to sell shares instead of being able to top up!

I can still get to it, I’ve just checked. I could give you the account number and sort code, but unfortunately you’d still need your unique reference number

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That’s kind of you, thank you. Unique reference number I think is the one that is found on your profile of the app (FreeTrade User #)? If you could be bothered to PM it to me, I’ll happily receive it and maybe try transferring £1 in the first instance to make sure it works.

Your Freetrade user number isn’t actually used for any purpose. You’re unique ID is a combination of letters and numbers

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Just to say this happened to me a few months ago and at around midnight all the transactions started going through. It turned out it was an issue with the payment system that was the banks issue, not Freetrade.

Just a warning not to keep trying, just in case it’s the same thing, as a few of us had quite a lot taken out our accounts before we realised.

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Thank you, have written to them again with the details Dave kindly sent to me and asked them also to let me know where to find these numbers. I’ve not found them in the app nor any of the documentation from FreeTrade I’ve tried to look at.

And thank you as well, a useful warning right there!


I’ve l had this problem using truelayer and it stopping when doing ‘final checks’ but I’ve sorted it. I’m not quite sure what causes the problem but in my case I did two things to sort it.

First cancil the payment.

Check your browser as it can have several windows open and I had an old one connected to Freetrade. Make sure all windows are closed.

Then try again. If it fails. Start over again but turn off WiFi and use the 4G signal.

Together these solved the problem.

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Same here, initiate payment from banking app. So far, arrives in under 30seconds and shows in Activity feed.

I also have a Standing Order from that same account which never appears in the activity feed. I would expect ALL deposits and withdrawals to appear in the Activity feed so this is quite an omission in my opinion.

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Well credit where it is due, FreeTrade wrote to me today confirming the bank details and giving me the unique reference numbers so I will try those and see how I get on. Since it was a bank holiday weekend, I hadn’t expected to hear from them until next week so I’m pretty impressed actually.


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