Can’t top up account

Unable to add funds to my account as the link to my bank doesn’t recognise my username and password even though I know it’s correct.!

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Is the issue when it asks you to log into your bank? As it sounds like it’s an issue with your banking app and not Freetrade

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If I log into the banking app separately with my details it’s fine.
When I try to top up through Freetrade it takes me to my bank login but doesn’t recognise my details?

Freetrade uses TrueLayer to top up your account via your banking app. Are you using the same account that’s linked with Freetrade?

Same account yes.

Hmm how odd. I know the response might be tad slower than normal due to influx of new customers but I’d message customer support in-app, I’m confident they’ll resolve it for you

You could try setting it up as a manual transfer.

Scroll to the bottom of the list of banks to find the manual transfer option. This will give you the account number, sort code, and reference number to which you need to send your transfer.
You can then log in to your banking app/website directly and set up a payee using these details.

Just be very careful to enter the values correctly. There’s a button to copy to your phone’s clipboard next to each value so you don’t need to type it.

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