Money not showing and 0 help

I have been using Freetrade for over a year now, things have been working fine till recently. I have topped up my account via my linked account like usual. Normally it takes a couple of minutes to arrive. However this time it’s taken days and still, the funds are not showing. I have the receipt from my bank app to show that the details are correct. But both the in-app chat and email have yet to reply. Day after day still no reply… and yet I still don’t see my money.
Can someone please help me with what I should do?

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Hi @Johnsu3110

How weird - I’ve never had it happen like this before especially on a linked account, I’m assuming you did it through truelayer by clicking top up in the app?

Welcome to the community btw :ocean:

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Same happened to me.
Deposited it 2 days ago and there’s nothing showing up.

Hi @DDend24

Was this your first top up? Did you use a linked account through truelayer? Manual transfer?

If you don’t have in app support then might your best option.

Good luck :ok_hand:t2:

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Was my second top up, but first through my linked bank account.

What is truelayer?

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It a linking service that enable faster tip up, you start the process from the app.