Bank transfer still not showing in app

Hi all, I made a bank transfer yesterday and even though the money has disappeared from my bank, it hasn’t appeared on my account yet. It stated 2-4 hours, but this was yesterday and it is really frustrating when money has just disappeared.

I have contacted chat yesterday but no reply. It was through a linked account, but the first time I had done this.

Anybody have any advice? Pretty poor going and now I’m probably going to have to wait up to 30 days for the money to get back to me?

When did you send it yesterday?

I’ve had money get stuck before by using the wrong bank and they were good to get it sorted. I know they said yesterday they’ve been trying to catch up with support requests from over the holidays make sure you message them in app as well.

Hi thank you for replying, as I’m all new to this aha.

I sent it at 4pm yesterday, bit late in the day I know but the app mentioned all payments are processed up until 8.30pm so with the 2-4 hours I thought it would have appeared. I have messaged them in the app chat too, I just wondered if there was any way of unlinking accounts so I could try a different one, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the app to change account settings.

You’d need to ask them in chat, if I remember right they usually ask for a bank statement to prove the account owner.

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