Bank transfer not added to account - No response from Freetrade

I transferred funds into my Freetrade account on Thursday 28/01/2021.

To date, these funds have not been added to my account.

I’ve been asking about this using the chat option on the mobile app, as well as sending several emails to Freetrade, but the funds have neither been credited to my Freetrade account, the funds returned to my bank account, nor have Freetrade responded to my messages.

I don’t know where else to turn, as I’ve not been able to find a contact number for Freetrade.

Help would be appreciated.

There’s some info here. @MeghanB26

I’m in the same situation, Bank transfer made on 01/02/2021 and nothing showing on my app. I have messaged in-app and DM’d on Twitter but no reply to either.

Hey both :wave:

Could you please drop me a DM so I can have this looked into? :pray:


Is it standing order by any chance? Those take a week to get credited and don’t appear in activity feed for ISA (which is quite annoying).

I’ve just done so. Thanks.

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Hi Meghan I have had the same issue since the deposit sent on the 2nd Feb, no response from in app querry

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Hi Meghan i have DM’d you too, can you please take a look into it please.


Hey Neil,

Please drop me a DM.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks, I’ll take a look! :+1:


No, it was not a standing order, it was a manual transfer (FTOPM7488495)

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Hi Meghan,

Sorry to burden the load. I’ve also sent you a DM regarding missing transfer.

Thank you!!!

Hi as a new community user it appears I can not DM are you able to DM to me

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Having signed up last Thursday I deposited money via a linked bank account thus far my money has not made it to my freeteade account

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Hi Megan,

I’m trying to get my account statements but it is not working on the app and no one is getting back to me on the chat function? please can you help.

Cheers Gabriel

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i also have made two payments to my account and neither have got to my account and no word from the help chat

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