Money deposited 3 weeks today and still not showing!

I made my first deposit on 16th February and I still have no funds available, this is the same for my son. We use Handelsbanken which apparently uses an intermediary but we sent all the supporting backing Freetrade asked for and was told 12 days ago that it would be allocated to us but still nothing. I am doubting whether Freetrade are reliable to start trading from as a result of this as we cannot speak to anyone about where our money is. Has anyone else had this problem depositing money from Handelsbanken and should we go elsewhere if it is just not viable?

Hi Kate, welcome to the community.

Freetrade have pinned a post here in the forum asking if you can email

I know it’s a pain but hopefully they are now easing into new processes and can resolve your issue quickly.

Thank you for your reply - I have had emails with the money email address already and still not sorted unfortunately but thanks again for the help.

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