I need my money returned

I deposited my money to free trade on 29th Jan, contact them a week ago but no reply despite the auto message telling me “usual reply time a day” which has been a week for me.

Will I ever get my money back…I don’t mind waiting if just slow process… but it does feel like no one would ever reply to me and look into the issue and process the refund.

Is my request even acknowledged? No clue, I only know before I am even in the game I already lost my deposit.

Sorry if you can’t handle lots of customers but maybe the company shouldn’t even run if you can’t handle. I’ll speak to my lawyer to see what I can do.

Speaking to your lawyer would be a huge waste of money I think but I’m sure he’ll be happy to bill you :smile:

They took on a couple hundred thousand new customers in the last month which obviously is difficult to scale customer service that quickly to fit but it’s getting there.

You will likely need to wait for the money to hit your account then withdraw your money (takes a few days). If you’ve messaged them in app they will get back to you.