Funds stuck between HSBC and Freetrade (no chat support)

Funds debited from HSBC account on Monday 25th Jan and have not arrived to Freetrade. Verification does not work for the same reason, so I am unable to withdraw Google pay deposit.

HSBC is a joint account, which may be causing the issue. Any advice hugely appreciated…

Reached out numerous times for advice via chat, received zero response. Super frustrating!

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I’m with HSBC. Used to take a few hours, nowadays less than an hour.

Did you use your reference number?

Staff are dealing with a months sign ups in an afternoon…

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Might wanna contact HSBC, first time I deposited some money it didn’t go through until I got a call from HSBC to confirm that I made the transfer.

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Yes. Deposit initiated via both Freetrade open banking and direct from HSBC. In both cases, my HSBC statement shows reference number used.

Will call HSBC tomorrow am to confirm and message Freetrade chat again afterwards. I appreciated they are super busy, but as a first time user I am quiet concerned with missing funds. Also inability to trade or withdraw Google pay deposit is not reassuring.

Thanks for the advice. I

Hi guys, not the same problem but I am having an issue with HSBC app. Every time I initiate a bank transfer from Revolut and it goes to the app, the app crashes. I have updated both apps and still the same problem.
Has anyone else had this issue/can suggest a fix? Thanks