Missing top up funds


I guess you must get a lot of these. I opened an account on Friday the 19th of March. I sent money (5k) from my linked bank account in app that night which didn’t leave my back account till Monday due to the weekend (fair enough). However it is now Wednesday the 24th and it’s still not arrived. No one will respond to me via chat, and an email gets an automated you must wait 7 business days response. I’ve read about a unique reference number but at no point has that been displayed in the app, so I wouldnt know what it is or how to enter it if its still in use.

I appreciate things can take a little while but when 5k disappears from your back account for a number of days and you have no past successful experiences to trust in and the staff are completely unreachable in sure you can see why this might be stressful.

Is anyone able to help please?

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Sorry that you’re seeing a delay in your deposit.

My thoughts based on previous issues similar to yours would be that there may be some manual verification required if this is your first deposit. This may be due to discrepancies in the name you have used to join FT and the full name in your bank account.
No ones money has ever been lost but I agree it isn’t ideal to have no clue where the 5K is. The things FT are doing to improve this is developing a system which allows users to see where there funds are in the whole process as they go from bank to GIA/ISA.

Hi J4ipod94

Thanks for the response. The information entered definitely matched. Money has been taken from the account to cover the £3 cost of the ISA.

In addition to this I want to make sure I’ve placed 20k in before the end of the financial year, I can only move 5k a day but it would seen foolish to continue trying to add funds when at present they’re disappearing into the ether.

I hope the money does come in soon. Yesterday some existing users had reported Instant deposits were live. So after your first deposit is successfully completed there may be a strong chance that any subsequent deposits occur instantly.

Hi, can you please DM me your email address, so we can look into this urgently?

Your money is always safe, but you want it visible in your Freetrade account or your bank account - we’re keen to support.

Hi Viktor as a new user I don’t think I’ve got the ability to DM you yet?

I have DM’d you now @Stickworm

Thank you

Okay so after a fair amount of back and forth they’ve located the funds and added them to my account. New top ups are now also going in immediately. Once I got through to the team they were pretty on it about getting it sorted. Much appreciated.