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Relative Noob to FT, since August’ish and Avid voyeur of the forum so I know there is some great help and advice out there. I too have requested help through the app and appreciate the current unfortunate situation.

After 5 months I have took the leap and started an ISA and am awaiting a money transfer from my GIA to my ISA, unfortunately have had no acknowledgement or help yet.

I usually send money through BACS transfer from my Halifax account to the GIA using the FT ref code I was given, and the automatic top up function doesn’t work, which is fine as its no big hardship. But I can’t find the ref code for my ISA to send money in the same way. I had seen somebody on another thread say withdrawing and paying back in would be quicker and require no FT intervention, so I’ll happily try that if I could ensure the money won’t go a stray or back into the GIA and I’ll be in a never ending loop!

Can anyone point me in the right direction please, and I will bow to their greatness!

I would like to add I am a hugely satisfied user and have made several recommendations and have got a real interest in trading now, which apparently I’m OK at, within my risk tolerance ofcourse, and this platform has been a brilliant introduction and suits me fine. I Just need this ironing out.


In what way does the topup not work?

I found in the past that you were offered the chance of selecting your bank if you’d not used the open banking process before, and it gave you the destination bank account as well as the unique reference if you selected “my bank isn’t listed” or equivalent?

If you’ve not used open banking to topup your ISA so far, you should still have this option (I think!).

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Thanks for helping, after I have confirmed my bank, Halifax, it does the processing wheel and attempts to log through to Halifax and gets all the way to the payment confirmation, then just says couldn’t take money from account.

But I hadn’t tried the manual transfer route all the way at the bottom. Just checked and all the details are there! That is how I must have set up my GIA transfer route the first time, too many top ups ago.

You are a superstar. Thank you very much.

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