Instant Deposit Live

Had to withdraw some money from my FT GIA to get it moved over to my FT ISA as CS had quoted 3-5 days transfer time. Withdrew on Friday, cash in my account this morning (Tuesday). I have just completed truelayer to deposit into my ISA and the money appears straight away.
This was one of my biggest annoyances with using FT and now it looks like we have instant deposits. This is really exciting news for those wanting to jump in on the dips, and yes I have a sad life for finding this exciting!


Game changer if this is true!

Edit: Just tried it myself! Instant Deposits are here! :partying_face:


I experienced this last night. I sent a deposit to ISA by manual transfer and before I’d had chance to navigate to FT, I had a notification of activity.

Awesome work FT team, well done.


Next up: FPS withdrawals instead of 3-5 days?


Transferred some £s just there and immediately available ( although without any notification yet ) :+1:


This is great news! Freetrade having a good amount to talk about today it seems :blush:

Edit: although the message does still say it will be credited in a few hours. Managing expectations I guess :wink:


You won’t get a notification if the app is open when the deposit arrives, that’s probably why!


Game changer if true - there should be a proper announcement!


Worked well for me this morning. Thanks FT Team

Seems like a busy news day for Freetrade this morning! I’m sure an announcement will follow shortly

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Great job to the engineering team for making this happen!


It could still take up to 2 hours to clear through the FPS network so I guess it is still wise to always quote a couple of hours :slight_smile:

I am fine with 3 days for a withdrawal. FPS can be expensive for businesses and I think it’s good to to keep it 3 days. My opinion for doing so is to solidify the idea that people shouldn’t be investing cash they may need at short notice.

But I understand everyone has their own reasons for wanting things :slight_smile:


Wow, just topped up to try out the instant deposits, really good stuff. If FT can also crack live pricing / order quotes that’ll be the two biggest customer problems dealt with.


I’d be OK with paying for the FPS, to be honest. I think it’s about a fiver.

Just worked for me too. :+1:

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If they are paying £5 for an FPS transaction then they are being scammed. But I agree, if I wanted it faster I would be fine with paying a small fee, but I would prefer BACs as I never need the cash in such a hurry.

Yeah I don’t withdraw often to be honest, but the one time I needed to, waiting the 3 days wasn’t ideal.

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I’m still waiting more than 3 days for sold stock to settle…They’ve got a lot of improvements to make.

I’m afraid that’s industry standard across the board. T+2/3 won’t get any shorter with current technology, but the payout once cleared could do. I agree with @ParadiseLost and @jasejase that I would be happy to pay a small fee if was in a rush for the funds.

Hi Zak, the settlement is out of FT’s control.
I suggest you read What is settlement? | Support