Instant Deposit Live

To be fair, it’s not terrible. I did a test withdrawal of £10 yesterday, and first thing this morning it was listed in my bank as an “upcoming transaction”. So, seems to be 2 days,

I think they advertise as 3-5 days as that’s standard for BACs. I requested on a Friday and got it on the Tuesday. I’m in this for the long haul, but just saying with faster payments, I would pay the fee to have had the money, if needed, on the Friday.

Absolutely. A massive win already, but these two to boot would be :fire:

Yeah settlement isn’t something within FT’s control. Taking days to withdraw settled funds is though.

I don’t get why everyone’s so excited about instant top-ups?

I’ve been using FT for near 2 months and they’ve always been instant for me.

For some reason my top from app not working, was just spinning on request.
So I went in my bank app and sent my top up via bank transfer and it went in instantly! Love the instant deposit first time it’s happened for me. Very impressive good work FT

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I’ve logged the payment continue button issue with support, they said they’ll flag it when the team gets in.

I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything else back

That’s brilliant news for you then… now think of the thousands of people that have been waiting since 2018 and you might start to understand.


It seems you were “lucky” enough to have deposited just as FT were manually doing their bi-hourly manual account deposit round.

“They told me there was a one in 64 million chance that this could happen. It’s A MIRACLE!” But, of course, we know it’s not, because things that have a one in 64 million chance happen … ALL the TIME! To presume that your one in 64 million chance thing is a miracle, is to significantly underestimate the total number of things that THERE ARE. … Maths."

-Tim Minchin


This looks like it’s now been fixed

That’s truly shocking if that’s accurate.


For many members, top-ups were slower than expected and this varied greatly.

If you were using Apple / Android Pay then this would be instant but this development relates only to bank transfers.

Like where I work, it could be that new customers were channeled to use the new development piece as beta users without knowing, therefore giving you an awesome near instant experience :slight_smile:

Either way, everyone can be happy that instant deposits are here.


Awesome development. Missed a few dips because of deposit times. Good to see that the developers listening to the community and spending time where it counts.