MEGATHREAD: Free Share updates and feedback 🎟

Welcome. You’ll be very fortunate to get 200 quid tho. Most are a few quid. If you get anything over 10 that’s good going.

They get released every Thursday but if you just signed up it’ll be probably next week.

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Thank you for reply, i just curious why it not allow me claim them. As looking on YouTube videos people can claim them straight away :woman_shrugging: I already put quite a bit £££ on my account, was expecting to have extra.

I believe its Wednesdays. Recently received a free Rightmove share

It has never been possible to claim free shares straight away from Freetrade so those YouTube videos are not correct, or have been edited as if they are getting them straight away.


Its a lucky dip, nothing to do with what you put in. @Coolsmp says it’s Wednesday. So should be there next week. You should see it listed in the app as free share without any details.

Not sure if this is still the case?

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I referred a friend and they have bought shares and filled out the us tax exemption form, however the app still tells me they have to top up their account to get a free share . Do I have to wait for this to update or is something wrong?

Welcome to the community @Kakamilly :wave:

It sounds like there’s a delay assigning Free Shares at the moment (as mentioned below), if you’ve not been assigned your free share in 14 days then I would reach to customer service via the in app chat. Hope this helps :smiley:


Today is Wednesday still no singh of shares

It’s Wednesday morning - it happens around 3pm as someone said a few posts above.

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Ok cool :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

If that screen shot above is yours and the first 3 steps have been completed as shown - you will get the free share 100% - so don’t worry.

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Aw thank you i was worried maybe something wrong with my app :slight_smile: waiting for it to come, will give an update when it happens


Don’t get too excited,it will probably be about £5 :grinning:

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Well its Wednesday 17:50 and i still have nothing in :cry:

@shanice can you help this lady. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

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Hi :wave:

Sorry to hear your Free Share hasn’t come through yet!

Drop me a DM with your email and I can take a look for you :blush:


Where do i email you to? I tried “contact us” and i get automatic replies only :cry:

You can reach out to our team at - please use the email you use to login to the Freetrade app and our team can check your account! :blush:

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Great thank you, will email now