Money transfer query

My parents set up one free trade account each to open an ISA and deposited 40k, 20k each.

The money has not arrived almost two weeks later and the “support” is beyond abysmal. My parents are elderly and only decided to opt for an ISA out of fear that a covid scammer would steal their savings, so the total lack of help from freetrade in locating the funds and providing them with a solution has been terrifying as they felt and still feel that their money is at risk.

The last response my mother got from a member of “support” said that unfortunately she had failed to make a transfer with the unique identifier for her account and this had caused the issue. My mother has a CHAPS document which shows she included all the necessary details including the unique identifier which she sent back as a response but received nothing in return after that.

My Dad was asking to send in a copy of his bank statement despite my mother already sending in copies of the transaction and explicitly stating her husbands was done at the same time and shortly aftert submitting the statement was told me had to send it in colour. This has sent him off the deep end and we just need the money returned immediately.

Sorry to hear that, reassure them that the first deposit is often the complicated one and subsequent ones tend to be instant once your bank is paired up. Possibly worth emailing multiple of these addresses or joining plus for a month to get access to the live support.

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