Anyone know how to contact Freetrade to find out where my deposit has gone? Hasn’t been put into my account.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: Also welcome to the community :wave:


Thank you, I transferred it on Saturday should it be added to my account today?

From experience, yes. Did you use the in-app bank transfer feature?

I did yes, bank transfer.

If that’s the case, it should be in your account shortly :slightly_smiling_face: If you don’t receive it today then I would reccomend dropping them an email at

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Thank you for your help, you have really reassured me.

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No worries, the community can be pretty helpful sometimes. Anyways, I hope your deposit arrives soon and you can start your investing journey!

Thank you!

I would also suggest waiting to see if it turns up today. Don’t worry if doesn’t, FT should be able to find it no probs given that account details, references etc. are attached to all payments. They’re quite responsive via e-mail and I’m sure they’ll sort it and explain what happened :+1:

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Ah thank you, hoping it will be in today but if not will drop them an email. I also haven’t had any confirmation that I have made a transfer from FT only from my bank, do you usually get some confirmation when you first transfer or will this come through when the money does ?

At the moment, confirmation will appear on the FT app when the money goes onto the account. Deposits are definitely an area FT could improve on.

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Okay thank you very much for your help, I was getting a bit unsure.

Agreed this an area for improvement. I got no acknowledgment or confirmation this morning on a bank transfer attempt, just ended up back at the start page of my initial deposit request. So thinking it had failed, I tried again and got the same result.

On checking with my bank I’ve actually made two deposits…

Yeh I wasn’t sure if mine had gone through either, didn’t have any confirmation. It has just literally come through a couple minutes ago though, so thank you to all you guys reassurance.


Just to give a data point for reference; it took me about an hour and 25 minutes in the morning for the deposit to reach Freetrade.
I wander if you are a new member, Freetrade could possibly have more compliance work to do? Or could it be a difference in processes by different banks? Mine is Barclays

Yes that’s true, I am a new member so that could have been why it took slightly longer.

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It takes the same time as anyone else as it’s a manual process. Freetrade do not currently have an automated system to assign your deposit to your account, so they login and download statements throughout the day to load these in while they work on getting an API with their banking partner. :slight_smile:

Glad you both have them landed now :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if there is an issue with top ups currently?

I topped up just after 4pm yesterday - still no sign of the funds in my FT account. Top up was from the linked account and followed the same process as all previous instances.

Many thanks in advance,


Doesn’t tend to go through outside office hours unfortunately due to a manual step.