Deposit problem

I am currently facing the same issue I have try severally to get contact in App but to no avail. Honestly I’m considering withdrawing back my deposit when it finally reached the account if I have not been scammed already


I think same this app end Web site it’s a big SCAM
that way them let you deposit 10,20,30,100 £,€,, Because other platforms minimum it's between 200 end 400 €,£,
But them …

Ermmm what?


Look how members make already ar complaints every day about deposit end still nothing yet
No answer back nothing even on the app (chat)

I have 1 week end nothing on my account Deposit

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I’ve been facing the same issues!

Have you been able to rectify?

Sorry guys, for the issues you’re all facing but I can assure you that FT is not a scam. However, it’s a startup and hasn’t been here for so many years like its competitors. It’s still being constantly developed and still has a lot to go. The huge growth in the recent weeks has affected the timeframe so much as it’s too much for a small team. I know as users, it shouldn’t be your concern as you’re here to start making use of your money right away. I understand all the frustrations and I hope it will be sorted out soon for all of you. :rose:

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Yeh, just be patient, they’ve hired a load of new staff and been on the forum all hours but they’re only human. It’s worth it, in normal times support is near instant. :+1:

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No not yet end I have 1 week end it’s like them don’t care about

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So how long I have to wait?
Because it’s looking like I don’t give a F…k about our customers ( new Users)

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May I suggest that people making 8+ separate tickets for a query may not be helping their backlog situation? In your screenshot, it clearly shows you had replies to at least a couple of them. I get the fraustration, I really do, but not making 8x load for the customer service team would likely give them a fighting chance at getting back on track sooner.

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Honestly, it’s quite embarrassing. I am currently in a similar position.

Although I appreciate the influx of new customers, if they cannot serve them adequately then reconsider the onboarding process.

I also find it highly insulting that I’ve been waiting for a reply for daysss and now I’ve taken the grievance public I get a response in minutes.


Hi All,

We’re sorry for the delays in cash reaching your accounts, we’ve had an enormous spike in new customers and messages recently and are working to resolve these cases of cash not being automatically allocated to accounts.

We understand how frustrating this is right now. To speed up our response we have set up new processes to support you and are making good progress in catching up on messages. Could you please send an email to with the amount you sent? We will look into this and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Check out our latest update on how we’re scaling support for you:

Them was asking me for 3 months statement
I send to them end still nothing I hope to get my money back but I don’t think I’m gonna see that soon
Not a good idea to invest whit them

Still not answering back now I’m 100% this is SCAM
I WILL start to post every where FB,INSTAGRAM all social platforms about this
I have Screenshot from Chat, forum.
I had enough about this story

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It’s not a scam but I get it’s very frustrating. I am in the same boat.

The level of service right now isn’t acceptable, even emails to the bespoke money@freetrade email address takes 3 days!!!

Nothing we can do though - just hope things improve soon and that if/when these spikes happen again, FT are more ready

That’s the thing these days- people expect everything for nothing. Sure, there’s some delays but for the UI you’re getting and for minimal to zero commission costs, personally think there should be way less complaining from people. In this instance a £20 transaction !!- with Hargreaves & Landsdown it would cost you £22+ simply to buy and sell a single stock.

It’s not about the money
It’s about the facts
When you make deposit you expect same thing
But you make a deposit, you send messages on app chat end for 1 week you don’t get reply back.
You post on forum end the problem get public you quickly answer end after that you get ask for 3 months settlement end the problem will be solved between 3-5 days but now it’s 2 weeks nearly so please tell me if I’m wrong?
Thank you

It can be scary when you can’t see where your money is. But it will be very easy for them to locate it, given that bank account details / references are attached to all payments. It’s not lost, so try to relax about it.

There’s going to be a delay until normal service is resumed, whilst new staff are inducted and they get on top of the pile of queries. FreeTrade’s history show that they want to do right by customers, they will definitely get on top of this and service will be great again :grinning:

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I hope to be like that