ISA transfer in

I can’t get through to anybody at Freetrade. I requested an ISA transfer in over a week ago and my old provider still haven’t received the request. I’m concerned it won’t be completed before the end of the tax year and I am not getting any response. I have already been charged £3 because freetrade support told me to open the ISA in freetrade already, which seems wrong. Help!

There is a dedicated email address you could try?

I did an ISA transfer last month: I initiated it with Freetrade on 1 February (and I had a bit of a stumble because I mistyped one of the digits of my NI number on the initial declaration form – why no automatic validation there? it’s easy to do!), Freetrade sent the transfer form to the other company on the 9th, that company performed brilliantly and processed the transfer out on the 11th, and the money was in my Freetrade account on the 12th. So it took ten working days in all.

Yes, tried this

thanks, thats reassuring. Just the lack of response isn’t very promising

Isnt the tax year irrelevant with regards to transferring ISAs?

(Of course I hope the transfer is performed asap)

I’m hoping that if the transfer is initiated this tax year i’ll be fine for the funds i’m transferring, but I really want to deposit more before the end of the tax year to not lose this years allowance before next year and I can’t deposit in my freetrade ISA until the transfer is complete.
Also considering opening next years elsewhere

Ah ok. I wasn’t aware that you had to wait. Seems unnecessary.

You cannot subscribe to more than one ISA at any one time, with the way freetrade operate the ISAs you have two open at once, which is fine. But since no transfer has occurred you cannot add money to the freetrade ISA until the transfer is completed (or at the very least acknowledged and you can no longer add money to your old one).

You can always ask them for a refund for the month that your unable to use the ISA


They asked me to do the same other brokers do not do this! I asked them why they just said I manually have to do this