ISA Transfer delays


I sent my ISA transfer request to FT over 6 weeks ago and today after chasing my previous ISA provider several times they finally sent the funds.

However, I am being told by FT the cash could now take 1-2 weeks to appear in my FT account.

I appreciate there’s nothing that FT could have done to stop my previous provider dragging their heels but wondered why the funds don’t appear quicker when transferred? Not a great customer experience


I’ve been waiting 4 months!! Though think it is as you say current provider digging their heels in quick sand. Very frustrating to say the least

I never bothered with the hassle of a transfer. I just took the amount out of my cash isa and deposited it in my new freetrade isa.
Unless you need to transfer an amount greater than your allowance,there is no point.

Unfortunately mine is shares ISA and I’m not keen on selling then buying back again so will just have to sit it out meantime

Ah right bit different. Best not to sell anything with the recent drop in prices!